Green Country Dressage

Schooling Show Championships

Green Country Chapter’s Schooling Show Championships are a fun and competitive event that members work toward all year! This year’s Championships will be held at Riverbend Arena in Inola, OK.

To qualify for schooling show championships, you must:

  1. Have two scores of the highest test of that level (e.g. Training Level Test 3)
  2. Both tests must meet the minimum score requirements:
    1. Introductory Level (Classical & Western): 60%
    2. Training (Classical)/Basic (Western) Level: 60%
    3. First Level (Classical)/Level I (Western): 58%
    4. Second Level (Classical)/Level II (Western): 58%
    5. All higher levels (Classical & Western): 58%
  3. Riders will perform the highest test of the level they have qualified for at Championships. This means if you have qualified for Training Level, you will ride Training Level Test 3. If you have qualified for Western Dressage Basic Level, you will ride Basic Level Test 4.
  4. For Introductory Level, a championship class is held for both Introductory Level Test B and Introductory Level Test C. A horse and rider who have competed at Introductory Level Test C are not eligible to compete in Introductory Level Test B  at Championships. This applies to Classical dressage only. One Western Dressage championship class will be held at the Introductory Level, and the test performed will be Introductory Level Test 4. 

A separate schooling show will be held the morning of Championships at the showgrounds; scores earned at this show will count for championship eligibility. Qualifying scores may be obtained at any GCC-approved schooling show. This includes shows organized by Green Country Chapter, High Hill Farm, and West Equestrian. Both classical dressage and western dressage riders are eligible to qualify for championships.

Attire for Championships is the same as attire for all schooling shows: boots with heels, helmets (except for riders age 18 and over that are competing only in FEI levels and tests at the PSG level and above), and no tank tops. However, we encourage competitors to dress for Championships as if they are competing at a USDF sanctioned show!

Scores from Championship show will also count toward your year end awards.

Download the Schooling Show Championships entry form here .SSCentryform17