Green Country Dressage

Jaime Orban Perpetual Memorial Award

The Jaime Orban Perpetual Memorial Award is awarded each year to a junior rider within the Green Country Chapter of the Oklahoma Dressage Society. The award honors the memory of Jaime Orban and her many contributions to the Green Country Chapter. The winner will be presented the Perpetual Award, along with an award of his or her own to keep. The winner will also receive a $50 scholarship to be used for dressage lessons or a clinic with the instructor of her choice.

The eligibility requirements for this award are as follows:

  • Applicant not to have reached their 18th birthday by December 1 of the membership year.
  • Applicant to have ridden in at least two (2) Green Country sponsored or approved schooling shows (please present documentation by way of copies of score sheets).
  • Applicant to have volunteered for at least four (4) hours of service at GCC sponsored schooling shows or functions. (Please furnish documentation by way of signed note from schooling show manager or program coordinator).
  • Applicant will present some sort of creative effort for consideration. This may be in the form of a poem, short story, art work, an original free-style, etc. done solely by the applicant.

For questions about the award or eligibility, please contact Roberta Clark at

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